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Implementation Framework

Public Private Partnership (PPP)

In line with PPP philosophy, the Project is geared for encouraging significant private sector participation into specific viable components.


Unbundling the Components

Core Infrastructure

Site development and basic infrastructure would be contracted out by GIFTCL inducting the latest in construction technology.


Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV's) have been set up to implement the critical utilitycomponents through major private sector participation.

  • GIFT District Cooling Systems Limited

  • GIFT Water Infrastructure Limited

  • GIFT Waste Management Services Limited

  • GIFT SEZ Limited

  • GIFT Power Company Limited

  • GIFT ICT Services Limited

Each SPV presents a separate business case modeled to meet the demand of the GIFT community.

Real Estate

GIFT offers real estate packages in the form of shell, furnished, plug and play or press and play spaces. Uniformity of design and aesthetics would be maintained. To facilitate developers, GUDC has been designated as the Single-Window Area Development Authority. A separate building code is being written for GIFT.